Admissions Consulting

Independent Schools : Intelligentsia advises families on the application process
for New York Independent Schools at all levels. We create a benchmarked timeline
tailored to each student’s goals, keep them on track, and provide comprehensive preparation for entrance exams. Additionally, families receive advice on the
strengths and cultures of their schools of choice.


Colleges: We work with students on the college admissions process from start to
finish, usually beginning Sophomore year. We ensure that students are using their time in school, after school and over break to bring their interests into action, so that their portfolios will shine.  Our tutors thoroughly evaluate each student’s personal, academic and social needs, then help them find the schools that will suit them best. We reduce stress inherent to the process by managing deadlines, improving writing skills, and refining essay topics. We also offer expert advice for campus visits and applicant interviews. See our Test Prep Services to learn how else we can help with the college process.