“We headed into the world of tutoring for our son with trepidation. Expecting an older woman with a gray bun and orthopedic shoes, we were delighted when our Intelligentsia scooter-tutor appeared at the door straight off her Vespa! Our son, previously skeptical, immediately was sold. He looks forward to their sessions, and values having someone with whom to share both his successes and his challenges.


In the year that they have been working together, her impact on our son and his work has been tremendous — his writing, critical thinking and general study habits have improved enormously. His grades have improved, of course, but even more importantly, he has been empowered, in his own abilities to handle his work.  We feel very lucky to have Intelligentsia working with our son.”

– Parents of a 2011 graduate of Columbia Prep



“Matt and his team of tutors have fundamentally changed my son’s academic capabilities and personal outlook. Over the past two years, my son has been transformed from a truly gifted procrastinator with low B’s and high C’s…to an A and B student in honors and AP courses. His Intelligentsia ACT tutor helped him improve from a 23 to a 33—almost 30 percentile points!


After a year at a good (but not terribly rigorous) university, Matt helped us with college admissions yet again. My son, now, incredibly, an independent, self-motivated scholar (!) decided he wanted to transfer, of all places, to Yale. He got accepted, something his school advisor had told us was nearly impossible. He’s there now, and loving it. If I’d been told three years ago this is how things would have turned out, I would have laughed.


Matt and my son are still in close contact. Another of his tutors is working with my daughter and has overseen her academic success as well. It’s nearly time for her to apply to college. We will certainly turn to Matt once again.”

– Parents of 2009 graduate of The Dalton School


“When my daughter began to struggle in her junior year, school administrators recommended that I contact Matt. He sent us two amazing tutors for my daughter, and personally oversaw their work. One covered Math, English and Physics with equal excellence—something I didn’t think would be possible to find—and another helped us with her SATs. Their help was invaluable. My daughter’s grades improved dramatically, and her SAT scores increased over 200 points from the first to the second exam!


Both Matt and his wife Hilda worked with my daughter on her college process, from selecting schools to discussing her essays to preparing for interviews. She was accepted Early Decision to her first school—a place that her school counselor said was a serious stretch for her!


Matt, Hilda, and their team were the motivating force behind my daughter’s success. Without their talent, friendship, perseverance, hard work, patience, enormous skill set, and genuine affection for my daughter, she would have had a far different experience in her last two years of high school.  I am forever grateful for their participation in my daughter’s academic and personal life.”

– Father of a 2007 Graduate from The Hewitt School


“Thank you for all your time, your support, and your kindness. Having you as a part of our family over these past few years has been a delight. Most of all I want to thank you for believing in my son in a way that has allowed him to believe in himself. It is a gift that will remain with him for the rest of his life.”

– Mother of a Dalton student, Class of 2012


 ”Intelligentsia gave us an outstanding tutor for my 6th grade daughter to help her through some comprehension and processing issues. She also helps my daughter read and write more effectively and better understand her math studies. When my daughter applied to a new school for the 6th grade, our tutor helped her prepare for the ISEE as well as the application process. She got into her first choice, and has been able to succeed there—without tutoring!

– Parent of 6th Grader at The Calhoun School



“Hilda has helped our son write clearer and more organized paragraphs. His confidence in his writing has grown tremendously. Hilda is fun to work with—and firm when she needs to be.”
– Mother of 4th Grader at The Dalton School


“Our school’s college counselor told us we’d have a difficult time getting our mostly-B student into one of her top choices. After working with Matt on her college essays and interviews and other Intelligentsia tutors for her standardized tests, she got into her first choice on early admissions! She’s thrilled — and so are we!”
– Mother of a 2008 Sacred Heart graduate



“Matt immediately developed a rapport with our daughter. He took the time to get to know who Gina really is, her interests and her dreams for her future.  Matt was invaluable in helping Gina outline her thoughts for her essays in such detail that, when it came down to putting her fingers on the keyboards, the writing part was effortless.  Matt understands what the colleges are looking for in the essays, so that neither words nor time are wasted in getting to the final product.
Gina’s final essay was a true reflection of herself in a concise, well-articulated essay of perfect length.  Matt’s support allowed Gina to take control of the application process—from our viewpoint it was a totally stress-free process! And the results couldn’t have been better: Gina won an award for the best college essay at her school, she was invited to read it at her school assembly, and it was printed in the high school paper. She was accepted early decision to Middlebury College.  We can’t thank Matt enough for all he did!  He’s simply the best!”

– Sabrina Puccinelli, Mother of Gina, Riverdale Class of 2011



“Intelligentsia is like the Mary Poppins of academics—they come in, see what needs to be done, and make it happen.”
– Mother of a Trinity School Junior (Class of 2013)


“We came to Intelligentsia for help when our son was struggling in middle school.  Their help was invaluable—they gave us the right tutors at the right time, from organization and writing to the ACT and Calculus!  Tutoring was never a chore for our son—and it made our home life less stressful, because it allowed us not to have to nag him about school work!  Our son is now a college freshman, doing very well and enjoying it greatly. Thank you Hilda and Matt!”

– Aimee Ross, Mother of a Columbia Prep graduate


The tutor’s perspective:

“Before coming to Intelligentsia I had degrees from Stanford and Harvard as well as over 10 years of tutoring experience. From Los Angeles to New York City, Moscow to Beijing, I have worked as a tutor for high school, college and graduate level students.


For Intelligentsia, these credentials got me in the room. But that was just the beginning.


Intelligentsia put me through multiple hoops before hiring me. In addition to a formal interview (complete with specific questions about the French Revolution, WWI, Emerson and Huck Finn) Intelligentsia requested the following assignments: write an essay from an advanced literature prompt, construct a précis from a US History primary source document, annotate a student’s paper on a John Donne poem and answer 10 US/World History short answer questions.


Then, having made it to the final round, I was given 8 hours of paid ‘remote work’ in which I annotated Doc IDs for primary sources. When I completed these, I did a trial session with an existing Intelligentsia student. Then, and only then, was I ready to join the ranks of Intelligentsia.”

– Rebecca W., Intelligentsia Tutor