Whether we are working on a single subject or covering the entire curriculum,
we give students the structure, tools and techniques they need to master the
material—and motivate their minds.


We know that skill-building has to happen as nightly assignments are completed;
students just don’t have the time (or desire!) for additional work. So we kill two
birds with one stone, incorporating analytic tools, organizational structuring and
time management training into our sessions. Nightly work is done with the
anticipation of using the material later: while reading a book, they make notes
that will feed directly into an essay outline; while answering Chemistry problems,
they create a study guide they will use to prepare for the test. At the end of the
unit, when their classmates are crashing for the test or scrambling to put together materials for an in-class essay, our students are already prepared—because
they’ve been preparing all along.