Useful Links for Parents, Students, and the Otherwise Curious


Education News and Information

The Times’ Education Section covers important events and opinion pieces about the private, public, and charter schools in the city.

NYC Private Schools Blog is a great resource for parents looking for information about different school options in the city, including videos from several schools and others about admissions prep . Contributor articles address different issues such as diversity, private school green spaces, arts and camp options and emotional issues in students.

Gotham Schools amalgamates all news articles related to education in the city, focusing on problems in police and procedure.



City Schools Search

Specific information on rankings at public schools in each district.

A parent-made, beautiful map of public schools in the city.

Has a nice list of private schools that is sortable by school philosophy, religious affiliation, number of students and zip code proximity. It extends to all state counties.



Resources for College Selection

Offers student opinions about campus life.



Information for parents and teens about summer programs, gap years, and school selection.



One of our favorite resources for comparing colleges and universities.

Well worth the membership, this site gives comprehensive tools to compare schools and measure a student’s profile against the most selective schools. We use US News with our students to create the list for reaches, good fits, and safety schools.

An interesting site to compare current grades, test scores and interests with the selections of different universities. This is the only site that uses real applications from schools to show your particular chances of getting in. Of course, the generated info here shouldn’t be the only advise you use when narrowing your choices (remember that recommendations, resume and essay make a huge difference for selections) but it’s a really helpful tool to narrow the search and get a sense of school competitiveness.