Hilda Seidman

Hilda is the co-founder of Intelligentsia, and oversees lower and middle school
education. She has taught and tutored students from kindergarten to college in a
variety of subjects for more than a dozen years, and focuses on addressing the
non-academic issues that affect students’ scholastic performance. Hilda received
her degree in Theatre Arts and German from Western Washington University, her
M.F.A from University of Washington (where she and Matt met), as well as a year
abroad at Universitat von Trier in Germany. Hilda is completing post-graduate
training at The C.G. Jung Institute of New York to become a psychoanalyst
specializing in adolescents—particularly the family dynamics, personality types,
and underlying emotional issues that may obstruct academic success. She and
Matt have two tiny children, Sonja and Rosko, ages almost-4 and just-over-2,